Uno Ti and Luce:
two Display books with many capacities.

Uno Ti and Luce were born as display books, but they proved to be able to meet many other needs. They are perfect for people who study music to read easily the scores, for people who want to carefully store their drawings, or more simply, for very tidy people filing all the utility bills in one place.

Uno Ti Technical Sheet
Luce Technical Sheet

Uno Ti - Luce
Uno Ti - Luce

Multitasking Power.

Uno Ti and Luce are practical to use: the special single-envelope binding makes them more flexible and easy to consult, one-handed browsable and 360 ° foldable.

Uno Ti - Luce

Uno Ti and Luce and the customization.

The first and the last cover are two customizable envelopes. By inserting drawings, photos, colored sheets or letterheads, you can quickly distinguish the contents.

Uno Ti - Luce

They have the right numbers.

Uno Ti and Luce can consist of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 200 envelopes.

Uno Ti - Luce

Performance, but with style.

Orange peel (Uno Ti) or smooth (Luce) envelopes made of polypropylene, material non-toxic and completely recyclable, they offer strength, elegance and transparency.
Thanks to the colored spines, you can combine the A4 format with different subjects.

Uno Ti - Luce

For Everyone.

The right display book for every need: if you have to file photos, drawings, documents, posters, Uno Ti and Luce have the perfect format. They are available in sizes: A5, A4, A4 album, A3 book, A3 album,25x35, 35x50, 50x70.

Uno Ti - Luce

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