Big Next: there is a world inside.

They are called Big Next, it’s not a case. The SEI box files, in fact, are born with the intention of being "large", not only in the size.

Big Next adds an elegant touch of colour to your archive.

Technical Sheet

Big Next

Big Next in history.

Oh yes, Big Next is part of the story because it is one of the most successful archiving products: with Big, SEI has revolutionized the market sector by introducing the COLPAN®, a super-resistant material that allows excellent finishes.

Big Next

Big Next spacious inside.

A 25x35 cm space to be filled with: folders, sketchbooks, sample books, magazines, maxi and mini exercise books for the school, books, drawings. But also toys, colours, all kinds of collections.

Big Next very strong.

Possibility to hold up to about 12 kg of work, hobby or fun.

Big Next

Big Next the material.

Big NEXT are produced in COLPAN®, a special material invented by SEI: cardboard entirely covered in PVC. In this way you can have at home or in your office a superior product in finishes and quality, phthalate-free and non-toxic.

Big Next in practicality.

The useful handle facilitates the extraction of Big Next from the shelf and for the transport. With Big NEXT convenience is in different colours!

Big Next
Big Next
Big Next

Big Next in preciseness.

The labels on the back are interchangeable to update the description of the content whenever you need, no chance to miss.

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