Asso Ti,
a unique display book!

Asso Ti is the union between practicality and beauty. Who wants to collect and consult with comfort, ease and handling, adding beauty to emphasize the content, he can find the ideal product.

Technical Sheet

Asso Ti
Asso Ti

The top for practicality.

Asso Ti is practical to use: the special single-envelope binding makes it more flexible and easy to consult, one-handed browsable and 360 ° foldable.

The right pockets quantity.

Asso Ti can be composed by a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 100 pockets.

Asso Ti

Asso Ti multicolor.

There are 10 colors available, a range that helps to quickly distinguish contents and find the right combination with customizations.
The color range is common to other SEI products, which allows you to create magnificent coordinates on any occasion.

Asso Ti, the material.

The smooth pockets in polypropylene, a non-toxic and fully recyclable material, offer resistance, elegance and transparency.

Asso Ti

Performance, and style.

The first and last cover pockets are customizable. By inserting drawings, photos, colored sheets or corporate letterhead, is it possible to create unique and personal display books.

Asso Ti

A customization that characterizes.

ACE is an example of how Asso Ti, customized with care and fancy, can create a new product.

Nothing else is like Asso Ti.

Asso Ti is made with a unique technology in the world, no display book on the market can offer the same quality, practicality and beauty.
A display book like no other!

Asso Ti

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