SEI Rota
Consultancy and Services

"Our priority is the service"

CONSULTANCY. YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST. For SEI each customer is unique, so each tailor-made service increases sales performance and always satisfies the final consumer.
Service. A partner next to you at all times, to anticipate new market trends and increase your business with all the excellence of the SEI portfolio: a complete range of products, unique formats and customizable items to meet every style and functionality requirement.
Training. A group of experts offers support to the staff and sales force of SEI dealers by transferring the technical knowledge, details and suggestions for use of all the products. The training allows to communicate to the final consumer the characteristics, the quality and the advantages of SEI products.


Competence. A designer and visual designer team free analyzes your store, advising the ideal location of SEI products based on the outlet’s floor area, visibility and customer type. This exclusive service can then be followed by fitting out the point of sales with furnishings provided by SEI.

Customization. SEI products can be customized quickly and easily. With "CREA SEI" you can create your own covers with personal images or images collected in the gallery.

Speed. For every issued order, the large and automated warehouse synchronized with manufacturing department ensures constant product availability and prompt deliveries.

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